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PVC joinery

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Standard windows

Standard windows have a 6-chamber construction of profiles as well as steel reinforcements. All standard window systems are available in the version with a simple leaf (Classic), as well as with a rounded leaf (Round).

They are available in various colors of veneers imitating wood and very durable acrylcolor technology. They are equipped with Winkhaus activPilot Concept fittings with steel mounts.

It is characterized by the safest standard of workmanship on the market. The window is equipped with anti-theft hooks around the perimeter. We offer concealed activPilot Select fittings or fittings with the ventilation slot system.

The smooth surface of the frame facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

It ensures trouble-free, long-term usage due to high quality components and precision. In addition, steel reinforcements provide window stability. The glass gaskets improve leak tightness and reliability of the window.

Energy-efficient windows

Modern housing attaches great importance to energy efficiency of the materials used. One of the most important elements influencing the energy efficiency of the building are window frames.

Energy-efficient windows have superb insulating properties, thanks to which heat loss is minimized. The tightness of windows greatly reduces heating costs and thus allows for saving money.

Windows used in passive buildings minimize the cost of heating, lighting and air conditioning. Thanks to making good use of energy, passive houses help maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment without heating or cooling, regardless of the season.

Increased security
Secure windows protect the household against burglary and ensure safe use. The application of burglary-preventing solutions as standard, which make forcing a sash impossible, and perfect quality of frames guarantee both.

Comfort of use
Durability of PVC, no need for maintenance and perfectly matched hardware elements, as well as panes with a high light transmission coefficient, that naturally illuminate the room are the elements ensuring convenient use of Energetic windows.

Terrace doors

Modern architecture sets new priorities. The newly created architecturally impressive buildings attract attention. Large glazed elements, interesting facade colors and custom shapes bring style and modernity to a building. The modern design is essential when terrace doors are taken into consideration. These are the windows to the beauty of nature.

Terrace doors give a special charm to the whole building. They blur the boundary between the exterior and interior space, as well as provide comfort.

Panoramic terrace door

It gives unlimited possibilities for designing a very large glazing.

There is lightness of sliding of even large sashes. The low threshold allows trouble-free use for many years.

Large reinforcement chambers enable the use of reinforcements that significantly increase the stability of a profile and provide excellent stability.

Perspective terrace door

Optical enlargement of an interior area
Terrace door visually enlarges the room. They combine the home space with a terrace or balcony. Therefore, the boundary between the garden and home area is blurred.

Natural lighting
The use of terrace doors makes the interiors brighter and cozier. The enlarged area of glazed surface provides healthy, natural home lighting.

Modern design
A glazed wall gives the interior a touch of modern elegance. Additionally, terrace doors are available in almost unlimited number of colors.

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